McAfee Total Protection – Best Price, Deals, Discounts, Offers & Review

McAfee Total Protection – Best Price, Deals, Discounts, Offers, Review & Download Information Latest Updates

McAfee Total Protection Provides Ultimate Security to Windows, Mac, Tablets & Phones. It is the best security software for your computers and other handheld devices that detects and blocks viruses, malware & from hacking attempt. It deploys real-time protection from all the latest threats for millions of users. It provides folder and file encryption feature by which users can secure identity and data by locking confidential files in a password-protected vault.

McAfee Total Protection

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Product Features, Best Deals, Best Price, Discounts, Offers, Review & Download

  • McAfee Total Protection is Essential for your PC so you can browse, bank, and shop safely online.
  • It keeps you safe against viruses, malware, trojan, spyware & ransomware without slowing your devices.
  • Block hacking attacks before they happen with clear warnings of risky websites, links, and files.
  • The strong firewall that blocks unknown incoming brute force attacks and hacking attempt.
  • Block suspicious incoming internet traffic and programs trying to steal your data.
  • Monitor what information travels between devices on your network.
  • Make the digital world a safer place for your kids. Automatically scan PC & every downloaded file.
  • Secure PCs, Macs, phones, tablets & intuitively manage your protection on the web automatically.
  1. McAfee Total Protection Best Deals

We have checked various websites on a daily basis to find the McAfee Total Protection best deals for our viewers. The best deals we found from Anteris Shop websites which is very cheap also 100% genuine. We have tested many times with that shop and they are providing excellent customer services, 100% free product installation and activation support aswell. The best part is after purchasing the product, the key and download information will show up on your screen instantly so no waiting to get the product. Apart from that all the information regarding the McAfee Total Protection best deals, purchase and installation instructions will be delivered by your email address without any delay.

  1. McAfee Total Protection Best Price & Discounts

McAfee Total Protection Best Price starts from $18.99 for 1 device up to 1 year. However, two more options are available like 3 devices & unlimited devices. All the versions are listed on the right side of the page. McAfee Total Protection Best Price which is listed is a flat 50% discounts on McAfee Total Protection products and that is the highest discount on available markets.

  1. McAfee Total Protection Download & Offers

McAfee Total Protection Download is very easy on your device. You can simply place the order by given link below, after that the product key and the installation instructions will show up instantly on your screen. Except that, you will get the email including with all the information regarding download & installation instructions. McAfee Total Protection Offers are always valid for a limited time. If you are getting the 50% flat discount then it is the best offer to get it and save more. All the Products are the latest version which comes with the automatic update install feature whenever a new update releases from the antivirus servers. So no manual security update or upgrade will be needed.

McAfee Total Protection Additional Features-

Stay safe from Trojans, viruses, spyware, rootkits, and more, with state-of-the-art anti-malware protection with McAfee Total Protection 2020. Stop worrying about performance hits—the advanced scanning engine checks for threats quickly without compromising battery performance. It is the award winner of the best antivirus software.

McAfee Best Deals

50% Off

Get 50% Discount on McAfee Total Protection – 2020 – 1 Device – 1 Year at $18.99 (regular price $37.98).

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This Price Deals Valid Till - 12/30/2020
50% Off

Get 50% Discount on McAfee Total Protection – 2020 – 3 Devices – 1 Year at $23.99 (regular price $47.98).

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This Price Deals Valid Till - 12/30/2020
50% Off

Get 50% Discount on McAfee Total Protection – 2020 – Unlimited Devices – 1 Year at $39.99 (regular price $79.98).

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This Price Deals Valid Till - 12/30/2020
50% Off

Get 50% Discount on McAfee Total Protection – 2020 – 1 Device – 3 Years at $52.99 (regular price $105.98).

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This Price Deals Valid Till - 12/30/2020
  • Folder and File Encryption – McAfee Total Protection Secure your identity and data by locking your confidential files in a password-protected vault.
  • Social Network Protection – McAfee Protection 2020 Create a brief, trustworthy URLs with a Safe URL Shortened and spread the news, not spam or malware.
  • Wireless Network Protection – Keep eavesdroppers away from your passwords and personal files when connected to open wireless networks
  • Privacy and PC Optimization Tools – Find and patch holes in Windows and applications with McAfee Vulnerability Scanner. Enhance your PC’s performance by deleting unnecessary files with McAfee Quick Clean Securely destroy sensitive files, such as tax documents, with McAfee Shredder™
  • Effective Parental Controls – McAfee Total Protection Block inappropriate sites and set time limits for Internet use. Check user login times, attempts to access forbidden sites, and total time spent online. See what your kids have been up to online with a detailed usage report.
  • Spam and Dangerous Email Filter – Make sure dangerous and annoying emails never make it into your inbox with McAfee’s most accurate filter yet
  • Two-Way Firewall – Shut out hackers and prevent malicious software from exploiting your OS or stealing your information
  • Network Intrusion Security – Find out if someone is stealing your Internet connection—My Home Network shows you all your connected devices
  • McAfee Total Protection comes with Advanced Web Protection – Know if a site you’re about to visit is dangerous with McAfee Site Advisor®—just look for the red, yellow, and green safety ratings

More About McAfee Total Protection Setup & Performance

Take a look at McAfee’s home consumer range and you’ll find it’s mostly about one product which is the best one. McAfee Total Protection is a one-stop security suite that includes antivirus, a firewall, email spam filter, malicious URL blocking, file encryption, a password manager, secure file deletion, computer performance optimizer, app, and web performance boosters, even basic free Identity Theft Protection for US customers.

McAfee Total Protection Setup & Performance


Installing McAfee is very easy. After the key redemption steps, first, the installer took an absolute age to run. 5 minutes. And then, after around 10 minutes, it started to scan the system, check for any other security software conflicting entries. If something found, it will give an option to remove those. In case you are unable to remove any old McAfee old traces than we found, downloaded and ran McAfee clean-up, pre-install and troubleshooting tools. It is very effective and removes any old & expired McAfee security software.

Apart from that McAfee support chat window and a toll-free number is available 24/7 and the experts from McAfee can help quickly without any extra charge to get it set up and installed.


Launch McAfee Total Protection for the first time is very easy. You can open it by clicking on the desktop McAfee icon or from all program list. The main body of the very large window (1050 x 740-pixels on our test system) contains a green tick to show the security status, that’s the one useful element on the main panel. You will get an option with a button to view a security report, and suggestions about other suite feature you can activate or use. Clicking a small icon that comprises of three dots reveals what looks like a more detailed status report of Total Protection’s various features, so, for instance, you can confirm that antivirus, the firewall and the update system are all working correctly. It’s not obvious, but this also doubles as a menu, and for example, clicking the Virus Scan status loads the Scan dialog.

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